PhDeaf vlogcast

Introduction to the PhDeaf vlogcast series

We are three deaf (PhD) researchers from Heriot-Watt University: Ine Martens (1st year PhD researcher), Sanchu Iyer (3rd year PhD researcher) and Dr. Mette Sommer Lindsay (recently obtained her PhD). This is our first PhDeaf Vlogcast. We hope to encourage other deaf PhD researchers to make vlogcasts about the various issues we face as PhD researchers and specifically deaf PhD researchers.

Contact us if you are keen to do a vlogcast about your PhD journey, either with us, or some other deaf PhD researchers. Any topic would be welcomed.

We plan to do more PhDeaf Vlogcasts on subjects such as supervisory relationships, extending or ceasing your PhD, doing PhD with a chronic illness, work/life balance, having caring responsibilities, etc. In this first episode we discuss the very first issue which occurs when we begin to consider doing a PhD: how to decide on a PhD topic.

PhDeaf vlogcast episode 1

PhDeaf vlogcast episode 2

PhDeaf vlogcast episode 3

PhDeaf vlogcast episode 4