Overseas Interpreting

Overseas Interpreting offers bespoke visual communication solutions to deaf academics, professionals and international students.

First and foremost, OI is here to make communication happen so everyone can be at ease and focus on the conversation. We strongly believe that the diversity of deaf academics should be mirrored by the interpreting professionals they work with. 

With our European and global networks, we provide academics and international university students with access to designated national sign language and International Sign interpreters. We partner with interpreters who work from a multitude of spoken and signed languages. 

“It is part of OI’s ethos to ensure that the community of signing academics can focus on their work while we do the rest.”

OI coordinates on site, remote and hybrid events with multilingual interpreting teams. We provide real-time human captioning, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, and pre-recorded transcription and translation services. Moreover, we regularly service workshops, projects, and lab meetings. Larger events such as TISLR are another important part of what we do. 

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Email:              office [at] overseasinterpreting.com

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Website:          overseasinterpreting.com