We’re live for #dac2019

Welcome to Acadeafic!

This is a brand new, multi-authored, deaf-curated, academic website. We aim to regularly feature articles, in English and International Sign (or another sign language) on cutting-edge research, of interest to researchers working/interested in Deaf Studies or sign languages, but also to those working in related fields in the humanities and social sciences. Deaf STEM scientists are also welcome to contribute articles based on their work and experiences as deaf academics.

Aca/deaf/ic is a compound of ‘deaf’ and ‘academic’. Right: this is an academic blog about all things deaf and sign language related.

The 9th Deaf Academics and Researchers Conference, #dac2019 is the perfect place to launch Acadeafic. And here we are!

Check our About page to read more about the people behind this website, and check our How it works page to find out how you can contribute.

One comment

  1. Wow this is a brilliant resource and very interesting. I would like to receive updates. Thank you.

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